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Our Dedicated Staff

Lorraine - Front Desk

Lorraine is our front desk personnel who will help you with your check-in process and ensure that you feel welcomed upon arrival at our practice. She is experienced in customer service and is knowledgeable about the treatments that we offer, so she will be a great source of information for you at your initial visit. If you have any needs or questions, she will be happy to accommodate your requests and see that everything goes smoothly. We rely heavily on Lorraine's efficiency and hardworking attitude that allows her to exceed expectations and provide a high-level experience to every patient. It is our goal to make your time with us a stress-free encounter with a minimal waiting period.

Laurie - Front Desk

Laurie is a trained professional who is dedicated to making your experience at Connecticut Endodontic Associates as pleasant and welcoming as possible. Her enthusiastic attitude and passion for serving others will help ease any anxiety you may have about your dental procedure or exam. Should you have any questions or requests to make your visit more comfortable, Laurie is more than happy to attend to all of your needs or speak with someone who can help. She is a valued asset to our team, and we are sure that you will enjoy each interaction that you have with Laurie.

Audrey - Dental Assistant

Audrey is one of our dental assistants who will provide our dentists with support during your procedure, and will help to put you at ease throughout your treatment process. Audrey will be an excellent resource during your visit. She can help answer questions about our services and inform you about any follow-up treatments or aftercare needed. We are sure that you will love her warm, comforting presence and the assistance that she provides to you throughout your journey with us. Our dentists trust her expertise and abilities to provide you with exceptional dental care each time you pay us a visit.